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November - December 2012 Airbrush Action Magazine

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Cover Story. page 30. PAINTING DENA By Dru Blair
If you’re still unconvinced that photorealist guru Dru Blair’s Dena is a painting, then you’ll want to make a bee-line to this incredible and detailed step-by-step. According to Mr. Blair, “Latex is a fantastic material to paint, but can present some challenges to render convincingly due to the variety of distinct edges it possesses. The other challenge represented here was the subtle nuances of the hands and arms, which at times, seem to almost disappear into the white background."

18. Blast From the Past By Steve Vandemon
The great Vandemon guides readers, step-by-step, through the niche process of antique restoration (the thrust of his work these days) on a 1925 clock-face gas pump.

22. Taking Airbrush Art to New Heights By John Stahr

26. EYE SEE By Johannes Wessmark
I See, the cover art of the Swedish version of Johannes Wessmark’s new book, was rendered almost completely in airbrush as demonstrated in detail here.

38. THE RETURN OF SCARFACE! By Glenn Ferguson
One of the most memorable scenes in “bad guy” cinematic history has to be Al Pacino’s machine gun solo at the end of Scarface, the infamous 1983 movie.

52. T-SHIRT TACTICS: THE HAND By Gary Worthington
Top airbrush pro Gary Worthington gifts our readers with instruction on how to create a T-shirt design that’s been a hot seller for 18 years!

56. Vinyl Plotters: Vector Artwork By Scott Mackay
Scott Mackay reveals his effective approach to creating artwork from scratch and cleaning it up for printing and plotting in a quick, time-efficient manner.

The process of choosing the right airbrush to meet your needs can be a complicated task, whether you’re upgrading to a better model or simply buying your first gun.

74. Airbrush Action Feature Bike: Custom Ink
“A bike with a full-body tattoo,” is how Jeff Urman, of Forest Lake, Minnesota, described the Harley he designed and painted this past Spring. Custom Ink took over eight weeks, non-stop, to complete.

“Because the aged or worn look is trending currently, I thought I’d offer my “instant patina” approach in addition to John Hannukaine’s superb step-by-step in the previous issue.”


2012 September-October Airbrush Action Magazine

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In this issue

COVER: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012
Airbrush Action hired Don Kates, of Shooters Images, Inc., to photograph a pictorial on the beautifully custom painted motorcycles of Sturgis 2012, the world’s largest motorcycle rally.

Page 20 - Leon Rainbow By Sheri Lynn Meyers

Page 24 - Getting Grungy By Mike Lavallee

Page 28 - Rhianna’s Power Portrait By Javier Soto

Page 36 - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012

Page 40 - Johannes Wessmark: Trending Photorealist

Page 52 - 1973 Corvette Stingray on a T-Shirt By Luc Boivin

Page 60 - 2013 PAINT BUYER’S GUIDE

Page 72 - American Sign Museum is Served! By Wade Swormstedt

Page 74 - Weathered Signage By John Hannukaine

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